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Read How do I transfer Amiga disks?, although it's out of date and doesn't mention CF/SD cards, which are the best option now in my opinion.

Summary of your main options:

1. External CF/SD card reader for Amiga. A PCMCIA reader is cheap, works with A1200 and A600, and gives you fast, high-capacity, hot-swappable disks readable on PC. Drawback: You need to use another method to get drivers to the Amiga first, requires an Amiga with PCMCIA.
2. Internal IDE to CF/SD convertor. Works with any Amiga. Drawback: You need to open the Amiga up to remove the card, requires an Amiga with IDE (not A500).
3. CrossDOS. Comes with Workbench 2 and 3, lets you read/write 720KB formatted PC disks in Amiga. A good fallback option if you have no special hardware, useful to install the drivers needed for other transfer devices. Drawback: Slow, PCs often have no disk drive, files over 720KB must be split into smaller parts.
4. Amiga Explorer software with serial null modem cable (possibly parallel, I haven't tested it). Auto-installs its own software to the Amiga over the serial cable. Much better than PC2Amiga, which I think is an old DOS app, and I couldn't get it to work with WinXP. Drawback: Slower than SD cards, you need a PC that still has serial ports, Amiga Explorer is shareware.
5. Put a 2.5" hard disk in the Amiga, plug it into the PC with a hard disk enclosure, read its filesystem via WinUAE. Drawback: Have to open Amiga up to remove the disk, requires IDE.
6. PCMCIA ethernet networking solution for Amiga. Drawback: Lots of software to install, setup and run, probably too much effort just to copy diskfiles around.

Mainly, if you have A1200 or A600 I recommend a PCMCIA SD card adaptor, which you can find drivers for on aminet (fat95.lha and cfd.lha) and install those to your hard disk or Workbench disk. You can copy the drivers using a PC floppy disk and CrossDOS. I'll update my article soon.
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