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It is my pleasure to release a brand new version of Blazing Wings (1.1.0).

What's new in this release :

- New level 8 playable in 60 FPS (all GFX based on Daniel BUEHLER work).
- New level 8 music by Nils FESKE.
- New title screen (GFX based on Daniel BUEHLER work).
- New menu screen with highscores table.
- The game can now be paused with "P".
- Levels 1 to 7 playable in 40 FPS instead of 20 FPS.
- The energy bar becomes a damage bar like in Wings of Death.
- Original extro included (Thanks to Gerald M√úLLER-BRUHNKE).
- "Lives sprite display bug" fixed.
- When you lose a life you keep your weapon (at last!).
- "Thunder Blades" weapon given up and replaced by the original "Thunder Balls" weapon.
- Level 6 boss head bobbing out and neck improved.
- Now sprites flash when hit.
- joystick support added (known bug on menu screen, use space bar to go to stage select screen).

If no important bug is found, it should be the last release of Blazing Wings so enjoy the game and thanks for all your support !
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