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New stuff

Thx hitchhikr for the information. I think Ackerlight died later, i must take my notes back and fix my memory.

I don't have Apology Megademo btw (or i do think so... Must have a look at my disks at my mom's home). I see this group was not so unknown finally.

Well, I'm sorry about my first upload. I was so sure Next packs were rareties. I did a simple TOSEC verification !

And i discovered this week on Bitworld bitfellas many of them !!! and n°5 to n°9 where there for years (Crown was the man) !! arghhh, me stupid

Sorry ! I won't make this mistake anymore.
I saw there was still many Impact CD, so my contribution will be very light as my 1st pack is n°18 (on bitworld), and after that 39 to 60, but only a few of them are not available.

Today, 4 adf
- Apology Gold Disk #1
- Utilities (Neck)
- Nova Hungy Pack #2 (#3 is on bitworld, so...)
- JYS first pack


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