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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
It installs fine - I get to about 90 odd percent and the modify startup sequence dialogue box comes up telling me to insert the following at the beginning of the file and then delete the existing "Setpatch" line.

so I bung :

SYS:C/LoadModule L:Fastfilesystem L:RAM-Handler L:Shell-Seg DEVS:scsi.device LIBS:workbench.library NOREBOOT REVERSE
SYS:C/Setpatch SKIPROMMODULES fs,icon,ram,scsi.device,shell,workbench QUIET

in and reboot getting a "unknown command" error when workbench is trying to load.
Maybe it didnt install Loadmodule and hence it says unknown command.
Have a check to see if its there in c:.

Interesting, I didnt know you could get away with just fs,icon,ram. I always put the full title, i.e. fs = filesystem, icon = icon.library etc etc.
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