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How to prove you're not a lousy profit maker?

Hi everybody. I write this thread to have your honest opinion. Yes, I'm pretty new to forums and trading and selling and here a little story about a noob like me who doesn't really know how to act. Iíd be pleased if you donít make too much fun of me.

Iím a newbie here and I subscribed here because I wanted to get to know cool people sharing the same passion of retrogaming and especially Amiga, learn about Amiga and to find people with whom I can trade games in order to complete my retrogame-collection.

Ok nothing special so far but before I wanted to post what I have to trade or to offer, Iíve read a little about the rules and especially about some sellers or the like who are doing this only for their own profit, ripping-off people from the Amiga community. I am one of the retarded fools (sorry for this but Iíve should have known better) who bought from a certain seller from Germany with plenty of pseudonyms (here is only one of the places he got rightfully banned) which is known (not in a nice way it seems) throughout the great Amiga community. So many have fallen into his trapÖ and to everybody who didn't know BE WARNED! Itís awesome as in the short time weíve dealt (yes Iíve bought from him and yes you may throw stones at me) he contacted me with 5 different accounts or even 6 including his eBay shop. After that, I swore to myself to not deal again with private persons and Iím pretty sure some of you think the same. Hey, donít burn him, heís not the only one like this and itís my own fault if Iíve been stupid enough to buy; but sorry for my naÔve behaviour as I still believe in fairness and kindness.

Ok, everybody (just not foolish me) knows that but what is this thread about? Itís about people like me who want to buy, sell or swap games with good intentions because we love collecting and even are happy if people say ďHey liked the transaction, everything cool dudeĒ. What would be a great way to prove that one has no bad intentions to do so? What I want to say is that I have about 70 to 80 Games for Amiga, CD32, CDTV and PC to trade and wanted to sell or swap them here in order to complete my collection. But as a newbie people certainly think Iím only here to sell, make profit, rip people off, etc. Absolutely correct thinking as it happened to me too and surely to plenty others who lost faith in private sellers or traders. People who care about others and never would sell counterfeits or giving false descriptions about what they trade doesnít exist anymore because money rules the world and to get rich you have to be ruthless. WRONG!!! (At least I hope so).

What happens then; simple solution: you go the secure way, make sure youíre protected and sell over eBay, fill your PayPal account and search and buy the games youíre after. Wow! Internet is great and connects peopleÖ But thatís not what I want because itís kind of anonymous, itís selling and nothing more but here you get in contact with people, you get to know them a little and laugh and argue, talk about the same stuff and trade games... Now how can I or anybody do this without that people think Iím only here to sell or make profit (especially as I subscribed only a few days ago); thatís why I listed only what I wanted so far and only said that I have also Amiga stuff to offer. I can only say Iím not here to rip anybody off and would like to have a great time and beside this complete my Amiga collection. Iíve posted one Noob Question and got my answers within a couple of hours! How cool is that!? Am I going to rip this kind of people off?! I really want to smash the faces of all the self-centred-only-profit-making bastards! Sorry, canít and never will understand sellers like thisÖ

And after having written a whole book here now to the simple question I had in mind when I started this threat: What would be the right way to approach people and say, hi dude, Iím after that and that game and have some to trade without giving the idea of hi fool, Iím after your money and you only interest me as long as you buy?

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