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Awesome, great to see a fellow Retr0-Gamer on the board sir!

now before anyone says differently the A600 is a wonderfull machine, yes its small, yes it has a very limmited and expensive upgrade path, but for the most part its an awesome little machine!

Upgrading the A600 memory -

Firstly its best to upgrade the Chip Ram first, for arounf the £20 area you should be able to upgrade from 1MB to 2MB of Chip. This upgrade is found in the trapdoor-slot on the bottom of the Amiga.

Fast Ram on the other hand is little more difficult to source - for the moement* - you will need to find 16bit PCMCIA SRAM (upto 4MB) cards, these can be source between £20 - £40 pedning on size.

These cards plug into the PCMCIA port and provide upto 4MB of Fast Ram, (taking the A600 upto 6MB total)

Now, at the moment I am in the middle of a group buy/build of the A608, I am waiting on PCB prices and hope to have this settled soon to know more goto

If you would like to see an expanded A600 - lookie here

Welcome to the Boards btw
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