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Awesome, great to see a fellow Retr0-Gamer on the board sir!

now before anyone says differently the A600 is a wonderfull machine, yes its small, yes it has a very limmited and expensive upgrade path, but for the most part its an awesome little machine!

Upgrading the A600 memory -

Firstly its best to upgrade the Chip Ram first, for arounf the 20 area you should be able to upgrade from 1MB to 2MB of Chip. This upgrade is found in the trapdoor-slot on the bottom of the Amiga.

Fast Ram on the other hand is little more difficult to source - for the moement* - you will need to find 16bit PCMCIA SRAM (upto 4MB) cards, these can be source between 20 - 40 pedning on size.

These cards plug into the PCMCIA port and provide upto 4MB of Fast Ram, (taking the A600 upto 6MB total)

Now, at the moment I am in the middle of a group buy/build of the A608, I am waiting on PCB prices and hope to have this settled soon to know more goto

If you would like to see an expanded A600 - lookie here

Welcome to the Boards btw
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