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Transforming old PC hardware into powerful classic Amigas

I'm positive people have done these kind of projects before, but I thought it would be interesting to look again at the wonderful opportunities we have for creating powerful Classic Amiga setups out of old cheap PC hardware using the power of WinUAE.

Real Amiga classic hardware is expensive and getting on now in years. Many have leaking batteries or require cap replacement, so this is a viable option for those who want to create an Amiga out of say, an ITX PC system or some old PC hardware.

So what's stopping us using BartPE and PEbuilder for instance to create a very lightweight Windows XP installation that boots straight into fullscreen WinUAE?

I'm sure we can add our own boot pic and have full network support. Plus with it being an XP build, it will have great driver support. We can make use of the fact JIT can be enabled and disabled from within the Workbench too.

Has anyone already done such a project? I remember various Linux efforts, and one called "Amiga on a stick". I just think it would be great if we can put together our own pack that can be used with Amikit, AmigaSYS and ClassicWB.

Please feel free to discuss any options. I'd love to have a mini ITX system that is purely used for being a Classic Amiga.
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