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Updating an Amiga 600

Before Xmas I picked up an A600HD with 20mb HD and it wasn't long before I went down the route of pulling it free and replacing it with a CF card of 2GB thanks to a chap on Youtube called Retrosofer who has posted some pretty good tutorials for beginners.

My next step was to upgrade the memory and the best I could find on ebay at the time was a 1mb expansion to fit in the bottom slot giving me a whole 2mb of power! Not 100% sure but I could have sworn I read that sliding a memory upgrade into the PCMCIA slot on the side but can't find anything to confirm this now.

Is this possible or have I dreamt it entirely? If it is can anyone recommend a good place to buy such an update from or even what it's called so I can look on ebay?

I'm sure a few people will simply tell me to flog the system and buy an A1200 but I have a lot of fond memories of it when I was a kid being my first ever computer it also fits perfectly into the shelf on my desk. An A1200 wouldn't

As a side note I've also ordered a PCMCIA CF adaptor with EasyADF from ebay and I'm hoping to install WHDLoad onto the HD when it arrives (I'll probably get stuck and end up back here for help trying to get it to work!), have so many games and looking forward to converting them to HD running should speed things up no end
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