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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
Are you talking about the image with 7701a1a5 CRC? If so, I passed it 100%.

There's no D2 for SKR as they only made a 1-disk crack, which asks for the Disc 2 at some point IIRC.
This is a little bit curious, i did not played for myself the game, but a friend told me, that he got an error(trashed screen, game freezes) while the game loads from disk2(7701a1a5). Than he used the IPF disk 2 instead, he was able to finish the game, maybe he used wrong WinUAE settings while playing the ADF.
I am not sure, if the "Skid Row" crack is really a 1-disk version, the friend also told me, that this crack also asks for disk 2, he has used
Atomic Robo-Kid (1990)(Activision)[cr SR - Valhalla][t +2 PNS].
Another curious thing is, that
Atomic Robo-Kid (1990)(Activision)[cr SR - Valhalla][t +6 NRG]
never asks for disk 2.
In the trainer menu you can select the starting level, but only up to level 7, the whole game has much more levels.
After finishing level 7 the game goes back to main menu.

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