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Thanks for your answer, i've never really thought about the historical settings in the fantasy stories. Fantasy is my first source of escapism, the furthest from this world, the best. But it must be really interesting to know the facts behind those great stories.

I have read a few books of D. Gemmel (Legend and Waylander). They were great and i'm impatient to read the Drenai serie but i still have a huge pile of books before i get there...
At the moment, i'm reading a trilogy of Dragonlance (dragons of a winter night,...), then i'll probably read some RA Salvatore.

The only series i couldn't read until the end were George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire (way too political for me) and Robert Jordan's Wheel of time (his female characters are sooo boring that it makes the story unreadable, imo).

Sometimes, i also read/play some fighting fantasy books too, but that's another story
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