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Originally Posted by NaughtyMoose View Post
What do you mean by "historical fantasy"? The authors i read are Tad Williams - Robin Hobb - RA Salvatore - GRR Martin,... and you?
By historical fantasy, I mean tales of adventure set in medieval and earlier times with a fantasy element introduced by exploiting the fact that these people were superstitious and could only explain what we now accept as natural phenomena by the existence of spirits, elves, hobgoblins, wood nymphs, magic, witchcraft and (to a lesser extent) sorcery.

Authors of such tales I enjoy reading are Sylvian Hamilton, Pip Vaughan-Hughes, Marion Zimmer Bradley, C.C. Humpreys, Karen Maitland, Wilbur Smith (his Egyptian novels) and David Gemmel (his Drenai novels).

David Gemmel's Drenai novels are actually an exception, because they are not based in a documented historical setting (though some of his other novels are). In fact, I have recently discovered that these novels were actually set in the future, following some supposedly yet-to-happen nuclear cataclysm. Otherwise, they are very similar, though they owe more than a little to the tales of Conan the Barbarian set in the Hyborian world (which I also enjoy reading), but have no common central character.

I'm sorry it's taken a while to respond to your questions. I had forgotten the names of one or two of the authors and had to get the books out of storage to rediscover them.
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