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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Its not a demo version.

Its more than likely a reviewers copy that someone leaked to Skid Row.

The demo text never appears onscreen, neither does any of the text telling you what the game does (i.e. continuous loading etc).

The disk size for the Skid Row version and the original is only a couple of k different, i.e. the original is as small as the Skid Row version. All of the levels that are in the original are in the Skid Row version.

So in essence, the Skid Row version isn't fucked and is the full game, only thing the Skid Row reviewers copy lacked was the Copylock.
Access to demo text can be removed by cracker (if it has any protection), I seen only supplier name.
For me this is demo version. Demo version is unplayable without trainer. Original version is playable without trainer (easy to check, if someone try to play full version too). Similar exist cracked Toki demo/beta version with only small differences between final version. I don't like Skid Row cracks too much.
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