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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
Welcome to EAB Peilton

Nice to hear you're living the dream once again

btw. Your English is A-OK and everything you wrote is perfectly understandable
Thanks DemonHellraiser and glad my English is understandable. This encourages me to write more as I didn't know if it would be a problem

Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
Thanks pubzombie

Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Hay how come theres never any decent Amiga stuff at the Spa market
bonjour Luxembourg & Belgium
Moien (hello in Luxembourgish) and Merci (Thanks) Boo Boo Sorry, what is exactly a Spa Market (outing me as a noob here)?

Originally Posted by PiesAreBlueGuy View Post
Welcome to the forums
Thanks PiesAreBlueGuy

Originally Posted by ck1200 View Post
Welcome to the forum mate and back to the amiga, i'm only learning again after a fair few years away from the amiga scene

.....and again you're English is great

Hi ck1200 and thanks for your comment which is very much appreciated. I definately hope to get to know more Amiga fans and learn some more about Amiga and English here

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
In fact considerably better than yours

Welcome aboard - and nice introduction!
Hi Graham Humphrey and I'm happy you liked my introduction or even took the time to read it. Hey, I hope I didn't start a grammar contest here No seriously, thanks to all for taking the time to evaluate my introduction

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
Welcome to EAB Peilton
Thanks Kitty

Originally Posted by musojon74 View Post
Hey welcome Peilton! Pleased to meet ya! As said above, your English seems extremely good. Glad you're getting back into Amiga again!
Hi musojon74 and thanks a lot for your nice comment Yes Amiga rules and had to wait over 15 years before discovering how good it really was!

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Hi, Chris, and welcome to EAB!

Here you will find all sorts of ways to ensure that your rekindled interest in the Amiga to continues to grow.

No need to apologize, your English literacy is of a high standard.
You will have no trouble making yourself understood.
Wow prowler thanks dude for the kind comment

Originally Posted by View Post
Hello and welcome!
Thanks and nice to see that famous sellers also have joined this great forum

Really everybody, thanks a lot for all your kind comments and welcoming me here in such a nice way. At first I wasn't sure if I should join because of the English language and my noobish knowledge about Amiga but your warm welcome means I'm in the right place here and thanks a lot for your patience and kindness!
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