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I haven`t used my Amiga for about 10 years, and back then I was just using it for games. (Boy, do I miss Lotus, Moonstone and Speedball 2)

I only have an Amiga 500 now, but I used to have a 1200. Seriosuly thinking about buying a new 1200 from, but if the rumors are true, then the X1000 isnt that far away, so maybe I should wait.

Right now I`m back in college, studying Computer Science and I really miss the Amiga. But I know next to nothing about its architecture or language/OS/filesystem etc.

Back in the days the Amiga was a pure entertainment machine for me, except that I used it for small video productions, but I had no knowledge of programming back then. I`m starting to get a ok grasp of C/C++ and SDL now, so I just want to create some retro games :P
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