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Amiga kit..

I just priced out a 1200 refurb from there.

Amiga A1200 Built To Order
- A1200 Unit Condition Refurbished (Kickstart 3.0)
- Accessories None
- AmigaOS 3.1 (5 Disks)
- Cable(s) RF TV Cable
- Expansion None
- Hard Disk (2.5") 4GB Internal Compact Flash & Interface
- Mouse White with Amiga Logo
- Network Interface None
- PSU None
- Software None
- USB None
- Version PAL (UK, Europe, Australiasia)



Sub-Total: $249.55

Now this doesn't include any shipping, but does have a 4gb cf card, and mouse, and a power supply that works in europe or the usa.
What this doesn't get you is the ability to hook up to a tv.
Using a PAL amiga in the USA is not going to work unless you hook it up to a rgb monitor. This can be thru a flickerfixer or to a older monitor like a 1084.
(I converted my NTSC 1200 to pal and use a 1084s.)

You still would want either a ram expansion (4mb) or an accelerator with ram to play whdload games. Also if you do this, you would want to spend the 30.00 on the whdload registration code.

The only other things I would recommend are a pcmcia to compact flash adapter. (3 or 4 bucks off ebay), and another cf card for it. And maybe a network card.

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