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Hi everybody :)

First of all hi to everybody and after having read a little through the topics, it's amazing how many people have the same nostalgic feelings about Commodore. I'm honoured to join you all out there and hope not to pollute the topics too much with my little Amiga knowledge and noob questions Thanks to the staff for keeping a community alive who haven’t forgotten the great Commodore era and the fact that this community can gather at one place and share their interests.

If it interests you, here a little about me:

My name's Chris and I'm from tiny Luxembourg. I apologize in advance for my English and hope my comments are readable and comprehensible

I've discovered Amiga in my youth and was absolutely "possessed" by its electronic magic. I used to play a lot and I mean a lot as it became a real obsession. I also liked to draw a lot and edit some Music with the Amiga.

Then came the era of consoles, girlfriends and plenty of stuff which drives you away from this old computer and makes you forget about it. A real shame… Then about two years ago I found back to my roots and unpacked my old dusty Amiga 500 computer which hadn’t been used for like over 15 years. I switched it on and it worked like the first day! Wow! Commodore quality! Even the battery from my extension was intact! After seeing the hand holding the disk asking me to insert a game or program which would catapult me back to my youth, I knew I wanted more. So, after checking the net I found out about UAE, WHDLoad and the possibility to transfer files from a PC to an Amiga. I managed to buy a A1200 and the link between PC and Amiga or the 90s and the Millennium was done. Then I began to fulfil a dream I had as a child: possess original games and not copies, read the manuals and background stories of these games, appreciate the art of the game boxes, etc.

So, I still continue to collect Amiga games to this day and want to complete a collection of all my favourite games of that time and that means a lot but there is much time and many people sell Amiga stuff. That being said, you've guessed right that I know many games but very less about the Amiga technology and its possibilities and it’s a pleasure to read all the different topics about it here. I hope to learn a lot more about Amiga and to meet people who share the same interests.

If you have read all this to the end, you’ll have my deepest respect and hope I didn’t bore you too much
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