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Originally Posted by dave4shmups View Post
I'd like to get either an A1200 or A3000, with a CD-ROM drive, but I've been told (in the case of the A3000) that it would cost as much-fully loaded with all of the memory it can handle-as a new PC. I would use it for gaming, and of course, WHDload.

Aside from price, I am concerned about how expensive step-down converters would be for a PAL Amiga unit.

In any case, other then Ebay, are there any stores online that sell what I'm looking for?


If just want to use it for gaming (WHDLOAD) then get a 1200. If you buy a NTSC 1200 from AmigaKit with an IndivisionAGA installed then you should be able to run all games PAL/NTSC through a standard VGA monitor
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