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Lionheart has the best copper effects and parallax on the Amiga (not to mention beautiful graphic detail), but it slows down a lot.

Jim Power also gets a lot out of the copper chip, and without slowing down - but it looks disgusting.

Mr. Nutz has lots of crazy effects (the "3D" bonus level, the Warp Zone, etc.), but it also has a very restricted color palette in the foreground due to its use of dual playfields. There's also a fair amount of sprite flickering.

Brian the Lion has some pretty amazing rotation and warping effects.

Apano Sin has a lot of copper effects, not to mention loads of sprites.

Universe uses the copper to generate high-color digitized background images.

Kid Chaos doesn't do much with the copper chip, but the scrolling and sprites are incredible.

Shadow of the Beast has LOTS of fake and real parallax, not to mention generous use of the copper on the plain and sky. That's also the case with Shadow of the Beast 3, but a bit less so.

Ork uses three independent parallax layers, which is something that I haven't seen in any other Amiga game.

Agony generally looks hideous with its dull colors and excessive dithering, but it deserves credit for its impressive parallax scrolling.

Bob's Bad Day has great rotation and transparency effects.

No Second Prize has ridiculously smooth 3D graphics.

Of the above, I'd say that Lionheart and No Second Prize play the best.

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