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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Stardust and Super Stardust didn't do anything special at all! Still screens with BOBs moving over it? A low-frame looping animation that moves around the screen with more BOBs on top of it? That's all it is. They did it on the Atari ST and PC too, so it's definitely not doing anything special.

I don't consider a game that fills the full 1MB or 2MB RAM as "hitting the hardware" or anything like that. Making use of expanded RAM is nice, but it's not some special technique.
Well, all I can say is the back of the box lists the following:
- The first game ever to make full use of ray-tracing on Amiga
- The fastest 3D sections EVER on the Amiga

So, genereally I would consider that as a game that pushed the Amiga forward technically even if the techniques used weren't the most advanced.
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