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Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
Most of them can be re-assembled perfectly but not as Amiga game without heavy modifications, of course.
Sundog is trickier than the others because it did use it's own disk system (i only have the loader part decoded so far).

All in all, the tricky part is to locate the gfx, convert them offline or add routines in the code to convert them after they're being loaded and rewrite the displaying routines for Amiga purposes. Sound parts were horrible enough to need complete rewrite anyway (probably converting the music to .mod or similar format).

I don't think that doing straight ports/exact conversions (a la tiertex & co.) is really an interesting task, there should be some added value in the new versions, like smoother animation, more colors, fixed gameplay, extra game elements, you name it.
Well sounds great and good luck Sir
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