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TSGui bad sector checking

Can anyone tell me for sure what triggers the TSGui error messages "Bad sector checksum" and "No sector header", please.

The reason I ask is that I have an AmigaDOS formatted floppy disk which, when inserted in floppy drive of an Amiga running Workbench 3.1, triggers a requester reporting that an error validating the disk has been caused by a bad header type in block 881.

Cancel this, and another requester warns of a checksum error on disk block 946.

Cancel this, and the disk icon apears on the desktop.

Double-clicking the disk icon produces a swatch of requesters warning of a further 47 disk blocks with checksum errors before a single zero byte file icon appears in the window, although the title bar reports 100% FULL, 512 B FREE.

Using the List command from the Shell reveals a single file with the same name of 2048 bytes length using 6 blocks.

There are many checksum errors reported by Workbench for this disk, which give rise to the conflicting information reported about the disk content, and yet, despite this, TSGui is able to produce an ADF copy of the disk without reporting a single error!

Does TSGui actually check that the data checksum is in agreement with that which appears in the header? Or is the "Bad sector checksum" message simply a consequence of an error reading the disk block data, and the "No sector header" message that of an error reading the corresponding header?

I have not tried mounting the resulting disk image in WinUAE yet, but I suspect that it's behaviour will be similar to that of the disk in a real Amiga.
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