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Originally posted by Peanutuk
Yippe! Can't wait, now that I have Broadband I shoudl be able to use it.

By the way, can someone please eleviate my ignorance and tell m,e what the diiference between T1, T4, Cable , DSL internet connections are ? It is very confusing.


Cable = Broadband over cable lines, set up by Cable TV Company. Not quite as good as DSL as it can get very slow if many people in your neighbourhood have DSL as you all share the same cable.

DSL/ADSL = Broadband over telephone lines. With equivalent speeds this should be slightly better than cable.

A good site for UK Broadband is

T1 - 1.5mbps (3 times faster than typical BT Openworld 512 connection). Also uploads will be at full speed rather than half speed. Speed would be about 150k/sec.

T4 - 45mbps - About 1 1/2 MEG a second ! I cannot even imagine how fast this is. If I was given a lifetime T4 connection I'd probably have sex with a man to get it !!
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