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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post

Hands up if you were surprised by this hw announcement for Hyperion? I certainly was (my crystal ball must be faulty). They seem to be moving from a simple software house to something more……interesting.

Although I'm always happy to see hw Amiga HW a few things concern me about this X1000.

1) This new HW has been announced before it is actually available to buy which is not such a great idea, especially with Amiga's long history of non-delivered projects (eg vapourware).
2) Little thought appears to have gone into how this announcement would affect ACube and their sales of the SAM (eg they've pretty much kill it overnight).
3) As most people on this board (and even Hyperion themselves) agree that OS4 would logically move to cheap X86 hw if only they had the cash, it's hard to get excited about another PCC platform.
4) Lack of cash (see above), it takes a huge amount of money to launch a new computer platform (see ACube's lack of ability to create a back-plate for the SAM as an example)...and Hyperion don't appear to have this kind of cash stuffed in their back pockets.

Taking the SAM as an example of the only recently released Amiga HW, OS4.x is still in BETA, USB 2 still isn’t fully supported, there’s only limited graphic card support and you still cannot buy a case or any Amiga branded accessories and it costs a fortune. Why should things be any different with this new HW? I wouldn't be surprised if this puts ACube out of the Amiga business for good which would be a shame as they are about the only ones current in it.

I think most SAM users would prefer Hyperion (and ACube) to focus on getting OS4 working properly before moving on to a new platform.

Have any lessons learned with the dismal AmigaOne launch, I hope so for their sake.

I think most of us realise the Amiga 'market' will always be a hobbyist niche market (unless someone big like Google came onboard) and I don't think that such a tiny market will ever be able to justify a well designed custom HW and intergrated OS platform
Very valid points. The only bright spot (other than being a really fast Amiga) is this XMOS chip. I'm no expert on this chip. All I know is this company was named startup of the year in the UK in 2007 ( and they won the IET Innovation Award for their work on this chip in 2009. (

According to Xmos, their chip enables you to go from concept to working product in weeks rather than months. From the sounds of it, they claim you can create any typical hardware device in software on this chip. If it works as they claim it solves a major issue for Hyperion where they need hardware vendors to create peripherals for the x1000. In theory, the community can create their own hardware and everyone can load the code into it. I'm sure it's more than that but that is the gist of it.

I watched a youtube video of someone who used XMOS to load windows xp without an X86 motherboard. He was just using some custom xmos board. It would be a great thing for emulation but I feel the strength of this chip is in providing the community with the flexibility to do whatever they wanted to do. Now I could be wrong about this but that is what I get out of it.

Now I know it was mentioned sometime earlier that this chip was obsolete. It's not the case. This is new tech and a lot of cool and interesting projects have surfaced. And the Xmos community is interested in the X1000 as well. Some feel it could be a good development platform for their projects.

The point is, all of this is an unknown, until it comes out this year. I would wait until it is released before praising or condemning it.

Hyperion and A-Eon will be making a more formal announcement something this week I believe and will have a more standard website at that time as well. Hopefully they shed more light on their plans.
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