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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
But there is no steady funding for OS 5 which has been in development for the past 8 years... (even Hyperion admit to this) People are not going to go out and buy a $500 piece of hardware and just wait to see if Hyperion releases OS5... OS 4.1 isn't much cop even next to XP.
Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post

Sales of OS4/4.1 are probably less than a 1000 imo as;

A) PPC cards are rare/very expensive
B) OS4 is overpriced for what it is, you can get an XP licence for half the price which has a massive software base
C) AmigaOne/SAM hardware is also very expensive for what it is and is using technology that is obsolete

There's also no guarantee that any other software developer will come out of the woodwork either

White Elephant. Year 2010 will be the same as before, nice new hardware for classic, OS4 - maybe 4.2 with small updates.

Hands up if you were surprised by this hw announcement for Hyperion? I certainly was (my crystal ball must be faulty). They seem to be moving from a simple software house to something more……interesting.

Although I'm always happy to see hw Amiga HW a few things concern me about this X1000.

1) This new HW has been announced before it is actually available to buy which is not such a great idea, especially with Amiga's long history of non-delivered projects (eg vapourware).
2) Little thought appears to have gone into how this announcement would affect ACube and their sales of the SAM (eg they've pretty much killed it overnight).
3) As most people on this board (and even Hyperion themselves) agree that OS4 should move to cheap X86 hw if only they had the cash, it's hard to get excited about another PCC platform.
4) Lack of cash (see above), it takes a huge amount of money to launch a new computer platform (see ACube's lack of ability to create a back-plate for the SAM as an example)...and Hyperion don't appear to have this kind of cash stuffed in their back pockets.

Taking the SAM as an example of the only recently released Amiga HW, OS4.x is still in BETA, USB 2 still isn’t fully supported, there’s only limited graphic card support and you still cannot buy a case or any Amiga branded accessories and it costs a fortune. Why should things be any different with this new HW? I wouldn't be surprised if this puts ACube out of the Amiga business for good which would be a shame as they are about the only ones current in it.

I think most SAM users would prefer Hyperion (and ACube) to focus on getting OS4 working properly before moving on to a new platform.

Have any lessons learned with the dismal AmigaOne launch, I hope so for their sake.

I think most of us realise the Amiga 'market' will always be a hobbyist niche market (unless someone big like Google came onboard) and I don't think that such a tiny market will ever be able to justify a well designed custom HW and intergrated OS platform

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