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I now have 901,120 byte ADF images of the whole set of disks, but the outstanding ones have errors. Checksum errors can usually be fixed by salvaging blocks individually from the disk using a track editor, but missing sector headers always mean at least one block is lost.

I will upload the best images I can get, and you can test them with your game to see whether anything important has been lost. Unfortunately, the non-DOS nature of the disks means that salvaging individual gamesaves will be very difficult without the original game disk.

It would help if your Pinball Fantasies data disks turn out to be compatible with the version I have.

Originally Posted by Titler View Post
Hmmmm... I don't recall ever writing over it, but Pro-Text is the word processor I had with my Amiga and used throughout my student days, so it's possible I accidentally did at one point. Don't worry if it turns out to be Pro-Text data, as I made working copies of all my old essays years ago But this will be a shame all the same because on that AF disc originally I discovered, when trying to get the AF Amibee demo running, that there's a routine which is needed to launch the Workbench Arkanoid clone on the Amibee disc.

I also couldn't get Amibee to launch either, it freezes after selecting graphics/control options on anything but a default A1200 under emulation, but cycles back to the discs first screen when the options are selected with said A1200.
The AF117a disk files are included on Amiga Format CD 33, which I downloaded from the EAB Server last night.

I will upload a disk image containing those files, which I will call AF117a.adf, to see if they help solve the problems with GunBee F-99 and Mini Arcanoid.

Also, the Protext Data Disc image might jog your memory if I upload it.

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