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Hmmmm... I don't recall ever writing over it, but Pro-Text is the word processor I had with my Amiga and used throughout my student days, so it's possible I accidentally did at one point. Don't worry if it turns out to be Pro-Text data, as I made working copies of all my old essays years ago But this will be a shame all the same because on that AF disc originally I discovered, when trying to get the AF Amibee demo running, that there's a routine which is needed to launch the Workbench Arkanoid clone on the Amibee disc.

I also couldn't get Amibee to launch either, it freezes after selecting graphics/control options on anything but a default A1200 under emulation, but cycles back to the discs first screen when the options are selected with said A1200.

As for where the data is on those discs, I don't have a clue I've long since completed Ultima V on the amiga under emulation again, I just wanted my original save I guess because of memories of playing it for the first time, and being informed of my Grandfather passing away when I first entered the Underworld in search of Captian Johne... And of course, it's nice to have challenges from the past to beat, like in pinball; Surprisingly, I managed to whop my Demon high score, which took me a year to get at Uni, in 10 goes here in the future
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