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Hi Titler,

It turns out that the Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Ultima V data disks are non-DOS disks - that's why they have no volume names.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to save the Pinball Fantasies and Ultima V disks. Each have several missing sector headers, which means unreadable blocks. It will depend on where exactly the important data is.

The Pinball Fantasies disks each have a missing sector header after 16kB, which isn't very encouraging, but the Ultima V disk is error free up to 665kB.

I have Pinball Fantasies 1,2 and 3 disks in my collection, which I could upload if you think they might be useful, but I have no idea yet what data they contain.

Originally Posted by Titler View Post
...the one that really needs to be saved is the second Amiga Format disc, to be sent off to Amiga Magazine Rack
This disk is an enigma. Every time I tried to mount this disk in the Amiga Explorer transfer window on my PC, it caused the program to hang, so eventually I gave up.

It turns out that inserting the disk into one of my Amiga's floppy drives causes a requester to pop up, reporting that the disk cannot be validated because of a bad header type on disk block 881. Cancel that, and another requester pops up reporting a checksum error on disk block 946.

Cancel that, and the disk icon appears on the desktop with the volume name Protext Data Disc. Thus, the disk appears to have been overwritten.

Double-clicking the disk icon opens a window and machine-gun requesters reporting a further 46 checksum errors, before a single icon appears, entitled All_to_HD. The title bar reports that the disk is 100% full with 512 bytes free. However, Icon -> Info reports 0 bytes 01-Jan-1978 00:00:00 for the file.

From the Shell, List reports (after cancelling another swatch of requesters):
All_to_HD 2084 bytes -s--rwed 22-Sep-98 20:07:05
1 file - 6 blocks used

Incredibly, despite the disk errors reported by Workbench, I was able to image the disk successfully using TSgui.

I would like to have a look at the image with a binary file editor and in WinUAE to see what else I can find out before I upload it.

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