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Originally Posted by fuzzylogic
There is infact stuff which is really clever and only a handful ppl are able to patch the system like this (i.e. using trap vectors to get access to interesting OS functions or intercepting dos traffic on packet level not needing the dos.library anymore)
That was the kind of stuff I was enjoying reading about.

Originally Posted by fuzzylogic
all in all I think the Amiga itself isn't interesting anymore for virus writers
Agreed. Not much notoriety in disrupting the lives of the, relatively speaking, handful of remaining users of an outdated machine.

Originally Posted by fuzzylogic
Thanks for your help on that joystick routine :-)
No problems man, happy to help.

Keep up the good work with the site.

EDIT: I've added the joystick test explanation as a comment to the Disk Doctors virus page on your site.

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