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Originally Posted by pmc View Post
But you can find out lots of interesting ideas that people who made the viruses came up with for keeping their virus hidden and resident and self replicating.

I found reading about that stuff interesting anyway...
Hi pmc,

well actually 90% of the viruses out on amiga were not that well coded anyway(*). I think a good coder does not need ideas he knows how to do it since its simple.

Best regards ;-)

(*)There is infact stuff which is really clever and only a handful ppl are able to patch the system like this (i.e. using trap vectors to get access to interesting OS functions or intercepting dos traffic on packet level not needing the dos.library anymore) but all in all I think the Amiga itself isn't interesting anymore for virus writers the last virus discovered was 2001 if I remember right.

Thanks for your help on that joystick routine :-)
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