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Hey, that's no problem, I can totally understand having no time! I hope you get some over your Winter break, we're waiting patiently

As for Hombre, I have a suggestion if it's not too much to ask. Many Amiga users now have AmigaOnes, Pegasos IIs, and Sams running AmigaOS4 who can not write to Amiga floppy disks just the same as PCs (without Catweasels of course) and so are also stuck with the problem of having to find another way to transfer ADFs over a serial cable to their classic Amiga to write them back to disk. This problem is solved by the recent Transfer tool for 68k and PPC Amigas on Aminet - . Perhaps it could be added to the other transfer methods, making Hombre even more useful to more Amiga users.

Thanks for all the good work
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