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Originally Posted by pmc View Post
Nice site fuzzylogic.

cmpi.w     #$101,$dff00c
which by my calculation is equivalent to holding forward *and* back on the joystick at the same time ie. an impossible combination.

Hope that helps...
This is the whole code involved with above mentioned code, maybe this helps you?
  movea.l (4).l,a6
  jsr     -$78(a6)  ; Forbid
  clr.l   ($DFF036).l
  move.b  #$E0,($DFF034).l
  move.w  #$F,d0
  dbf     d0,.loop
  cmpi.w  #$101,($DFF00C).l ; JOYDAT0
  bne.s   InstallVirus
  move.l  #$5FFFF,d0
  subq.l  #1,d0
  bne.s   .loop2
  move.b  #$A0,($DFF034).l
  bra.s   NormalBoot ; (no installation)
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