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Not to worry if the last 3 don't come off, as they were just for personal nostalgia... the one that really needs to be saved is the second Amiga Format disc, to be sent off to Amiga Magazine Rack But stirling work so far all the same, I guess those cheap plastic disc trays were good for something in the long run after all! (Even if I had to force the lid open with a screwdriver in the cheap lock, as I've long since lost the "keys"!)

For everyone else, the Amiga Action coverdisc, Softville PD and Gunbee AF Demo were not in the records; Demon is, I think, an unpack from the AA disc, which I'd sent in case that disc couldn't be saved at least. The Dreams and Fantasies are just my old high score disc, as is the Ultima V disc and Twintris I wasn't sure what it was, it's been so long since I used the Amiga, but I wanted it adf'ing to run it by Akira, just in case it was his long lost love
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