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Originally Posted by gtrmn01 View Post
Hi Cammy... Have you tried the Pal/NTSC converter from I'm interested to know if the resolution and clarity would be better than my old 1080.
Hi! I have made a short couple of video demonstrations of my A1200 and my A600 using these PAL/NTSC S-Video converters from AmigaManiac. Depending on the screen you use, it can be much better than the 1084. TVs can't usually have their screen size and position adjusted like a monitor can, so there's no way you'll get Maximum Overscan to show within the borders of the screen, but the picture is definitely much sharper than composite and nearly on-par with RGB. The main advantage is being able to use much larger screens than the 13-14" 1084, and still get a nice sharp picture. I have been using large CRT TVs with S-Video for my CD32/SX32 for many years and prefer it to a small monitor. I now use LCD TVs with most of my Amigas and although there is interpolation in the pixels, giving it a slightly softened look compared to CRT, the advantage is the screen has no flicker in interlaced modes, so I can run in PAL High Res Interlace and it looks the same as if it was coming from an Indivision.

Anyway, here's the A1200 running in Super High Res Interlace on an LCD TV - and there's another video there showing the A600 plugged into a large CRT with S-Video too.
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