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Are you sure the Amiga doesn't work in the HD TV? If it can pick up a signal through the Composite video port (the yellow AV jack) then you should be able to use an S-Video adapter with it to get a sharper image from your Amiga. You could also get an Indivision and use the VGA port if it has one.

If that doesn't work and you still want a separate monitor for the Amiga, maybe you could test it out with some other LCD TVs. I used to use 1084 monitors with my Amigas, well I still have a few set up, but my main Amigas now use LCD TVs instead of 1084s because they're much better for my eyes, the display is larger, and they don't flicker! I can run Workbench in 680x536 with a crisp, rock solid display, whereas on the 1084 it would flicker badly. Either use Scart or S-Video, you can get S-Video adapters for the Amiga cheap as chips from

CRTs are still fine I guess, but they're no good for our eyes and they use a lot more power.
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