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Thanks for entrusting your disks to me. They were here when I arrived home yesterday evening.

Following an Amiga Explorer session this afternoon, I've uploaded an initial set of disk images to the Zone.

Each is assigned a name based on the disk's volume name. Where no volume name exists, I have supplied a name based on how the disk was labelled.

Seven of the eleven disks you sent have imaged successfully at the first attempt! The other four disks (marked '*' in the list below) have read errors and will require a bit more work to get valid disk images.

The disks
Softville PD Service - Sof 181 (OkimateDemo.adf)
Amiga Format 117a - Fiasco 2.2, ViewFonts 2, PoolMem *
Amiga Format 117b - GunBee F-99, Mini Arcanoid (AF117b.adf)
Amiga Action, May 1995, Disk 3 - Sensible Massacre 2, Demon (AMIGAACTION.adf)
Demon Card Game (Demon V1.01.adf)
Pinball Dreams, Disk 1 (Pinball Dreams 1.adf)
Pinball Dreams, Disk 2 (Pinball Dreams 2.adf)
Pinball Fantasies, Disk 2 - Party Land / Speed Devils *
Pinball Fantasies, Disk 3 - Billion Dollar Gameshow / Stones 'n' Bones *
Ultima V - Boot / Play / Underground Disk *

I shall try other techniques on the remaining disks.
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