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Fire and Ice ????
looked nice and i loved their previous work but it was too clichéd and too plat-formed for me.
the thing that annoys me the most in games and especialy on-line games is the cliché of health and health top ups. I mean, look at Half-life, it was a breakthrough in fps storytelling but the crates and 'plug in the wall' health boosts made me mad. its time for a new idea. or just death.......... the old miggy games had difficulty curves that were savage [just try playing Paradroid 90 on the miggy for a few hours] but we still play em and love em. games these days reward you just for sitting there like a fat fart - and that annoys me evenmore.
if i play fps games on xboxlive like Call o Duty i have to play hardcore - a bullet touches you and you die. it has to be that way or its a farce and i get p*ssed off.
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