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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Heya Ppill, I'm really looking forward to the A1200 disk you're making. I think Hombre is great, and an A1200/A600 solution with PCMCIA CF/SD support would be awesome. I have an ADF Transfer Kit disk here by pcfreax which boots up with an older version of TrackSaver GUI which works well enough, but it would be nice if there were a few extra options in the menu like Hombre has.

Any progress on the new disk?
I'm afraid there's hasn't been much progress. I just don't have the time

There is a very early version that I put together some time ago but it's not ready for release. I do plan on finishing it sometime next month during the winter break. Can't really say when exactly.

Anyway thanks for the intrest

Hombre's had quite a few downloads (around 400) so I guess there are people out there using it. This one should attract a bigger crowd
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