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Originally Posted by Fabie View Post
I really like that A1200...looks great and original
also the way you have installed the cdrom is perfect
which accelerator have?
what other things have installed?
what kind of button you have installed on the right side?
Thanks Fabie,
It took me 6 months to buy and gather the pieces, and 1 months to put them together.
-It is actually a DVD Rom. A friend of mine (Turgay @ Speed Computer) has done the case work by hand.
-Accelerator is Blizzard PPC 603e (040 version). I seriously think to upgrade it to 060 and clock the PPC up a little bit. I have with 128 MB Ram on it.
-I have
*4 GB IBM Travelstar 2.5" Harddisk
*Indivision AGA
*BVision Graphics Card.
*And an automatic VGA Switch hidden under the Floppy Drive. This switch connects the two video signals from the Indivision AGA and the BVision to the added VGA port on the back.

-The button on the right is to switch between AGA and BVision screens manually.

I plan to add a Subway USB inside when I have some spare money again...
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