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Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
I dont know, I get mixed feelings from the input on from the devs.

I dont get the feeling they are burning with passion for the Amiga, somehow it seems it is more a burden than something fun to do.

IMHO the plans -as mentioned in the post before this one- do not make sense to me as an Amiga user for more than 20 years
Well, they did announce right after the court battle they had a 'Most Ambitious Project' which would be announced at the end of the year. Which they did. I know it's frustrating they drop this bomb but seem to offer nothing new. My take is they are still in negotiations with partners and will not announce prices till they know what they are dealing with.

After all, if this fails, it will be the final nail in Hyperion's coffin. They are taking a big risk here. Without doing this right there is no point in continuing efforts on the AmigaOS. If this succeeds, well, anything can happen. Here's hyperion's chance to allow the OS to be viable, albeit to the diehard amiga fans. If it gives them the funding to continue improvising then it's all good for us.
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