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Originally Posted by Mangar View Post
I'd just like to finish off with saying you dont go through a couple of years of court battles and huge lawyer fees for an OS with a userbase the size of the AmigaOS4 community. They had plans.
I dont know, I get mixed feelings from the input on from the devs.

I dont get the feeling they are burning with passion for the Amiga, somehow it seems it is more a burden than something fun to do.

So I have been trying to understand their motive, yes they must have spent fortune on the lawyer fees, for what?

It was my asumption, that when winning the court case Hyperion would go full speed ahead and spread AmigaOS to as many users as possible with passion, vision and a positive tone on the future of Workbench. What I noticed though, was quietness, and someone mentioned the MAP, that must be the plan.

I asked myself why? Why be quiet when having won years of legal battle, now must be the time of any time to climb up a house and scream with positive voice that Amiga is back for the future, lets dedicate 100% with the community to build back Amiga to what it was and spread it to users.

Usually, in business, the customer is always right. So I can understand devs on are not represantive of the company they are working for when they are participating on the forum. But in this situation we have had during the fall/winter when too little information leaked out to the community they should expect to be bombarded with questions and not send out negativity when the community do not respond in ways they would expect. We are not robots, we are amigans. When people of a company sends out negative vibes it makes you wonder how is it to work in the HQ of the company?

Thats why I mentioned asslickers in my post above, sometimes I get the impression people post positive stuff in threads on false basis, just to cheer the devs up and not focus on all the negative comments, but the truth is, some of the negative comments contains the truth, the truth is the community is what have held Amiga alive. If no company is working on AmigaOS anymore, the community will take matter in their own hands, just look at AROS and where it came from.

IMHO the plans -as mentioned in the post before this one- do not make sense to me as an Amiga user for more than 20 years
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