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Originally Posted by frank_b View Post
Some more quotes from Mr Haynie.

"I can't imagine how this is going to be anything but overpriced and underwhelming. "

"they ought not to call it "Amiga"... there was a time, at least, when that name really meant something, and something good. "

"And think of this... even modern netbook-class performance would be a new thing in the post-Commodore world of Amiga. None of the "Amiga" hardware so far has even made it that far. In fact, today's cellphones probably have faster CPUs."

This is extremely damning IMHO.
Dave is like anyone else in the amiga community. He feels skeptical at yet another 'announcement' regarding a new machine. At one time he was in favor of what Amiga Inc were trying to do but soon realized they were full of it. At least we can say Hyperion has released OS4. At least they participate in community discussion. Of course anything over a few hundred dollars is going to feel overpriced to anyone who is satisfied with his PC.

His comments are not damning. They are expected from a former Commodore engineer. His last comment is merely outlining that a new amiga with netbook performance is better than anything that came before so at least this new machine is a vast improvement.

Does this machine make the Amiga relevant again? Most likely not. Does it give the Amiga community the best option to run AmigaOS4? Yes it does. By a longshot. It could be a good start to become a niche market once again. It all depends if Hyperion has the resources or not. What they do after the X1000 is the big question. They won't have a faster PPC to turn to. They will need something else.

But really, everything is just speculation at this point. We don't even know the full details of the system. Let's all just wait and see what happens in the coming months. There are many projects out there to be excited about.

I'd just like to finish off with saying you dont go through a couple of years of court battles and huge lawyer fees for an OS with a userbase the size of the AmigaOS4 community. They had plans.
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