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Originally Posted by klx300r View Post
hmmm ok I'll bite! can you please enlighten us as to what "you" think is the biggest thing happening right now in the world of Amiga
I think you missunderstood me.

AmigaOS on x86 would have been that thing, it would seriously have become the single most important happening in the Amiga world EVER!


I can understand Hyperion needs cash and need to think up a creative solution to brand their hardware to certain niche-markets, but the main problem is the official AmigaOS built from the true WB3.1 sources are heading into obscure computer hardware again.

I dont want Amiga to head into obscurity, I want Workbench to compete on the desktop and grow, if new users did not have to go over the step of paying 1000 euro for an obscure system (and some people estimate the new motherboard will cost 2000 euro) it would be MUCH easier to grow the user base.

But you know what....

You dont have to wait 8 years untill Hyperion decides to port to x86, there is already an alternative here. It lacks big backup from community, from user base and from AmigaPPC zealots but it is the true Amiga x86 system built by hardcore Amiga fans since the middle of the 90'ies.

So it lacks the 100% completed feel of AmigaOS but it shares a kind of next-gen thinking with MorphOS (which I think is a bit more impressive than 4.1).

Yes, it is the true, AROS is already AmigaOS x86 and it should be praised as the true successor of Workbench, a true next-gen Amiga operating system for anyone who wants to run Amiga apps in 3GHz+.

First step, dont call it AROS, call it AmigaOS x86, the true AmigaOS.
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