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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Sorry, just rubbish. I can clearly remember completing Saint Dragon crack back when it was first released.

You can't judge all cracks on a few select groups versions. For instance, Paranoimia didn't crack Turrican properly, but everyone else did.

And its not true that 'most' game with checksums in them were not cracked properly first time.

Some games were not cracked properly, that doesn't equate to 'most' at all!

50 titles out of thousands is not a lot.

And the argument that lots of Amiga titles were not protected is spurious and rubbish. Only a small fraction of any titles were not protected, very small.
Tell me the link to cracked version of Saint Dragon, can exist but for me is rare (maybe like cracked version of Fate Gates of Dawn). Check Boilerroom collection for "crackfix" if is done by other crack group or "fix" if is done by this same crack group, you can ignore all "NTSC/PAL fixes". Similar you can check Boondox collection for fix/crackfix, many games were not cracked correctly in first time.
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