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Originally Posted by whiteb View Post
..Dual boot with XP (I assume you can do that ?).

I do have 150GB free on another drive in my system (D: ) so if it is possible to install to another drive in a X86 system (NTFS Formatted) then I could do that, and just Dual boot with XP.

Sort of like have a boot menu on C: to choose XP or Icaros, and have Icaros installed on D: in a subdirectory, assuming that Icaros can boot from a menu, and from an NTFS partition.
Dual booting is possible, i do it with my main PC!

You cant install to an NTFS partition!

Roughly.... Install XP first, but leave some unpartitioned space on the drive, then when you install aros, it should detect XP, find the unpartitioned space and create a volume for itself! I think you will have to manually add a "Boot XP" option to the aros GRUB menu! I would search out for a decent guide before approaching this option.

The safer way, is to install aros to a completly seperate disk, and use the BIOS boot menu to choose which OS (disk) you want to boot up! This is how i do it.

I disconnected my XP drive before i installed aros so there was no chance AROS might stuff up XP!

Originally Posted by mingle View Post

I gave the Icaros 1.2 live DVD a whirl, but after it boots to the desktop, I can't seem to connect to the net - OWB starts, but always gives the warming "Erro" in the status bar whenever I try any URL...

I guess I'm missing something fundamental?
Did you configure you network settings in Prefs?

You need a compatible NIC, and to select it in the Network prefs,
Then you will have to enter IP address and default gateway. (or use DHCP)
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