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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
glad you got it workin whiteb but it dose come with qemu all set up and ready to go

any way what do you think of it ?
It is pretty good I cannot deny that. I know that to run anything M68k you need an emulator, hence the Janet-Uae to run stuff. Currently I dont have any HDD space on my C drive to Dual boot with XP (I assume you can do that ?).

I do have 150GB free on another drive in my system (D: ) so if it is possible to install to another drive in a X86 system (NTFS Formatted) then I could do that, and just Dual boot with XP.

Sort of like have a boot menu on C: to choose XP or Icaros, and have Icaros installed on D: in a subdirectory, assuming that Icaros can boot from a menu, and from an NTFS partition.
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