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Nothing I read in Dave Haynie's post seemed to be negative. He stated 'Still, that would make this the first ""Amiga" sold in years that compares to ANYTHING still being sold in the PC market. ' and he is curious about the Xena co-processor and what Hyperion intends to do with it.

While people may question Hyperion's decision to go with the single-core Xmos chip to coincide with the dual-core ppc you should think about the fact this would be their first system. If they pull it off then you can expect them to shell out 20 bucks per quad-core xmos chip. Money has to be a concern so it makes sense to work out the kinks on the single-core xmos co-processor before going all in on the quad-core. Considering they also have had to upgrade OS4 to support multi-core processors, SMP, etc they don't want to get in over their heads. This setup makes sense for the time being.
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