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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
I really enjoy using both this forum and So if you have a good idea, just post it over here.
I'm fine with EAB

My first wish for improvement (that I have mentioned earlier on as well) is for the console.device (EDIT: It is probably con-handler, huh?) to use newlook menus.

A second wish would be simple tab-expansion functionality in shell without the need for KingCON or ViNCed, so that it works even when booting without startup-sequence.

A third would be a HAM checkmark in the SYS:Prefs/ScreenMode for native modes (Yes, one can run Workbench in HAM, it is possible).

And lastly, even though OS3.9 strictly is 020+, it would be very nice if there could be 68000 variants of updates as well (unless 020+ optimizing _is_ the update). Esxpecially in the cases where the original OS3.9 binary works with 68000. The 68000 is back, sort of, on MiniMig and as softcore, and plenty faster than original 68000, so it's kinda sad when software cant run because they only exists as optimized for 020+. MiniMigs can now run with a ~50MHz 68000, and depending on RAM speed can be quite alot faster than for example the 020 in an A1200.


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