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Originally Posted by Mangar View Post
Dave Haynie is like you. He is comparing this to PC's and Mac's in the wrong way.

First, let's compare it to the SAM. Is it betteR? Much Better. Does it give people processing power to do things they were unable to do except on PC's? Yes, finally. Finally, with the updates to OS4 we can choose to use AmigaOS again.

This is no more obsolete than x86 architecture. Computers would be so much cooler today if everyone didn't jump on that bus..
Is the PPC available now in speeds equivalent to a high end x86 chip? Nope.
Is there a market for high end desktop PPC chips. Nope. Apple left due to a lack of faith in the road map, PA Semi are gone, Freescale don't care and IBM make chips for consoles. Is the situation likely to change in future? I doubt it.

Is the PPC in any way connected to the 68k? Nope it's an IBM ISA.

Does compiled C/C++ code run slower on a PPC vs x86. Nope. What language is most application software written in? The x86 isn't going anywhere, it's cheap, fast as hell and available. In what way is the PPC "cooler"?
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