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Originally Posted by frank_b View Post
This isn't unique at all. There's a dev kit which connects via USB here

I'm an embedded software developer who likes Amigas and this is totally underwhelming. It's a low end embedded chip tacked onto a dying CPU architecture (PPC) which isn't comparable to PCs or Macs which are shipping now. In six months time the gap will be even wider. I think any new machine needs a unique selling point (no being 10x slower and 5x expensive isn't a unique selling point) but this isn't. I don't get the point. At the very least it needs to be competitive with other desktop machines to be taken seriously.
This machine will not be 10x slower. Maybe 10x slower running windows. I think you feel what I'm saying is that Amiga is back on the map. No, but it's the best thing we've had by FAR since Escom went bankrupt.

No one ever said this was a pc killer. But it will spawn new development for OS4+ and that is a good thing.
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