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Originally Posted by Mangar View Post
How are they underpowered?

XMOS may make 0 sense for an IBM PC. But this isn't a PC.

Hyperion have put together this machine and gave the community the ability to make it whatever they want it to be. While this may not appeal to the average PC user, the amiga never appealed to the average PC user so nothing new there.

The release of this machine means the OS gets an overhaul to modern times as well. If we're finally able to do what we want to do without requiring a IBM compatible then what's so bad about that.
Go to the xmos website and read the literature on the chip. No FPU, very limited memory, low clock speed. Even with the number of threads available on the chip the host CPU will be far faster and have the benefit of being much simpler to code for. I think any special purpose hardware has to be capable of performing some task more efficiently than the host CPU. I think even a single core 1.6 ghz PPC will smoke it. People seem to be in a froth fantasising what they can do with an awesome 400 mips! Go and read Dave Haynie's comment on Amiga
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